WellBeing and
Performance Group

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Our Services

We exist to help organisations become fabulous places to work – this improves organisational performance

We encourage employers and employees to take Psychological Responsibility for the psychological wellbeing of everyone – this improves organisational performance

We use The WellBeing and Performance Agenda as the framework for helping organisations become fabulous places to work - this improves organisational performance

We work with internal Champions for Change to implement the agenda - this improves organisational performance

We help organisations:

  • discover the impediments to psychological wellbeing and performance
  • change the culture of the organisation to become an adaptive culture, flexible and adaptable to pressures for change.
  • develop adaptive leaders who can guide their business or service to consistent peak performance.
  • implement an adaptive working environment that is always responsive to the needs of the workforce, and which aids their peak performance.
  • maintain an adaptive and resilient workforce.

Our services to achieve these aims include:

  • Consultancy and expert advice
  • Mentoring of top teams and individuals
  • Facilitated workshops, seminars and awareness sessions
  • Support for action learning sets
  • Expert advice on assessments
  • Supervision and support for internal Champions for Change

How we help with Implementation

  • Expert organisation development advice and support
  • Facilitation of the processes involved in bringing about cultural change.
  • Mentoring Champions for Change and others involved in implementing a cultural change.
  • A programme called Adaptive Culture and Corporate Resilience which takes the organisation through each of the steps needed to bring about a positive culture.
  • Everything we provide is bespoke to the requirements of our clients, and is based on using our framework which is adapted to client requirements.
  • Derek Mowbray’s Charter for WellBeing and Performance
  • Derek Mowbray’s Guide to Corporate Resilience which provides exercises that helps to bring about cultural change.
  • The Management Standards for WellBeing and Performance.
  • Existing client projects aimed at implementing a cultural change can be easily absorbed into our Adaptive Culture framework.
  • Our Employer Assistance Service (EAS) is designed to provide all the support needed to implement a positive working environment.