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Derek Mowbray’s Charter for WellBeing and Performance at Work

All leaders, managers and employees have a right to expect from their organisation:

  • A clear, unambiguous purpose, expressed as a simple ‘big idea’; an idea which the workforce can relate to closely, and which they feel justly proud to talk about with friends, relatives, clients and customers.
  • A working atmosphere of resilience and confidence; one where all leaders, managers and employees demonstrate openness about the organisation, its current and future state, openness about themselves, about their expectations of each other, about their support and encouragement for each other, and demonstrate this resilience and confidence to clients and customers.
  • A culture that provokes:
    • shared responsibility for the organisation and its success;
    • high level performance by facilitating focus and concentration on work;
    • structures that are flat and simple to understand;
    • exposure of ‘Elephants in the Room’ and their resolution;
    • unsolicited and independent thoughts and contributions;
    • institutionalised learning;
    • fairness between leaders, managers, the workforce, clients and customers;
    • everyone to behave respectfully towards each other;
    • everyone to acknowledge and value each other’s views and opinions;
    • team working that encourages mutual support,
      • where anything is debated without a hint of humiliation being felt by anyone,
      • where the critique of the individual and team is welcomed, discussed, and
      • where lessons are learnt and implemented.
  • Leaders and managers who are:
    • attentive to themselves, to other managers, the workforce, clients and customers;
    • able to share and encourage responsibility for the organisation and its success;
    • trustworthy, reliable, open, and consistent in their behaviour towards others;
    • able to provoke commitment, trust and social engagement in others;
    • able to facilitate concentration, challenge, critical appraisal, encouragement and enthusiasm in others.
  • A workforce that:
    • ‘goes the extra mile’, by offering unsolicited ideas, thoughts, and stimulus to managers, colleagues, clients and customers;
    • offers a service that is more than expected, demonstrating attentiveness and personal commitment in the interests of managers, other staff, clients and customers;
    • grasps opportunities for personal development through new challenges, acquisition of skills, knowledge and experiences;
    • Is driven by the desire for personal success and happiness – intellectually, financially, socially and emotionally.

The purpose of The Charter is:

To provide a common ‘hymn sheet’ that can be used by all Champions for Change and managers in the implementation of the steps in The WellBeing and Performance Agenda.

This Charter needs to be used all the time to test how well the organisation is progressing on the Performance Highway to Peak Performance.